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      Spirit Classic Freehand Stencil Paper Tattoo Transfer 5 pc.


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      Spirit Paper Stencil Paper Tattoo Transfer

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      SPIRIT Original Tattoo THERMAL IMAGE COPIER PAPER 8 1/2" x 11" - 100 Sheets- This is the original brand of thermal facsimile paper for transferring a tattoo stencil to the skin.

      You are purchasing one box which has 100 sheets.

      Thermal Paper has 4 parts.

      1) Top layer is white. This is the layer that your image will be transfered onto. 2) Second Layer is not bound and is a milky white. Typically this layer is thrown away. 3) Third Layer is the Carbon (purple/blue paper). By pressing on this layer the purple/blue coating is transfered to the upper sheet. 4) Fourth bottom sheet is yellow and holds the original in place when using a stencil copy machine.

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      Spirit Classic Freehand Stencil Paper Tattoo Transfer 5 pc.

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