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      skin monarch baron 360
      • skin monarch baron 360
      • skin monarch baron 360

      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)

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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)

      Technical parameters:

      Model: Skin Monarch Baron 360

      Input voltage range: 90 - 240V

      Input voltage frequency: 50 - 60Hz

      Output power range: 0,3W – 45W

      Output voltage range: 3 – 18V, adjustable output voltage accuracy +- 0,1V

      Output current: 0 – 2A, accuracy +- 0,1a. With overload protection functions for current output

      Duty radio of output ripple: accuracy +-1 %

      Operating ambient temperature: 5C– 40C

      Operating ambient humidity: 30% - 75%

      Operating ambient air pressure: 900 – 1600 Hpa  

      1 year warranty for principle machine, 3 months warranty for adapter, power supply cord and other accessories. 

      2 models designs: vision and skull (function is the same)

      Skin Monarch Baron 360 kit includes:

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 machine

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 pen

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 machine clip cord

      - 1pcs. Baron 360 adapter

      -1 box of cartridges- GIFT!

      Skin Monarch
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      Sady   01/06/2021

      This is the best machine for beginners

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        Skin Monarch Baron 360 (power device + pen)

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