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      Permanent makeup kit MAXI


      Skin Monarch
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      Permanent makeup kit MAXI

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      The set consists of:

      Skin Monarch Baron 360 permanent make up machine

      3 pcs. Skin Monarch Avant-Garde line eyebrows pigments (Olympo, Broxy, Jacobean)

      3 pcs. Skin Monarch Avant-Garde line lips pigments (Seraphine, Priscilla, Cardinal)

      Skin Monarch Classic line lips pigment (Imperial)

      Skin Monarch Expression Line Pigment for eyeliner (Fushion Black)

      Skin Monarch Avant-Garde line Dilution 5 ml.

      Skin Monarch Baron 360 Cartridge Needles (1RL 0,30mm) 20pcs./box

      Skin Monarch Cleaning foam 150 ml.

      Skin Monarch Perfect Finish 50 ml.

      Skin Monarch Anesthetic before procedure 30ml.

      Skin Monarch TrixGel anesthetic gel 30ml. 

      Skin Monarch Process Butter 50ml.

      Skin Monarch white outline pencil

      Skin Monarch Master care 15 ml.

      6 pcs. Skin Monarch VIP after care 5 ml.

      10 pcs. Vitamin A&D ointment

      2 pcs. Skin Monarch Gel Sketch Pen (Black / Red) 

      Bella brown eyebrow pencil 

      10 pcs. Skin Monarch Sticky ruler

      500pcs. Machine bags 

      Tattoo grip cover tape - black (5cm) 

      Skin Monarch eyebrows ruler

      Skin Monarch professional eyebrow care kit

      + A Gift - Skin Monarch Cosmetic bag, Skin Monarch Avant-Garde lines pigments laminated palette, Skin Monarch luxurious bag, Skin Monarch Apron and Skin Monarch Baron 360 Cartridge test set (20 pcs.)

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      Permanent makeup kit MAXI

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