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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 Machine Pen + cord


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 Machine Pen + cord

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      Both Skin Monarch Baron 360 Machines Pen RCA and DC Can fit permanent makeup universal cartridges ( Skin Monarch Baron, Luxury, Kwadron), suitable for eyebrows, pixel, powder, shading techniques, eyeliner, lips also for body smaller or bigger tattoo .

      Both use same internal parts but have different exteriors. 

      Recommended Operating voltage: 5-8 V RCA or DC.




      Finger hold place 18 mm.       

      Width: 23 mm.                 

      Height: 115 mm.                

      Weight: 96 g.                  


      Finger hold place 20 mm.

      Width: 24 mm.

      Height: 111 mm.

      Weight: 92 g.


      •    Optional RCA (Pen shape is slimmer finger hold place compared to DC type)

      •    Needle stroke: 3.2 mm.

      •    Fits to all highest quality power supplies (Baron, Critical).

      •    Adjustable needle length by scrolling the pen holder.

      •    Sturdy aluminum body for light weight on the handle.




      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Baron 360 Machine Pen + cord

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