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      Skin Monarch microblading kit


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch microblading kit


      Skin Monarch microblading kit includes:

      1 pcs. Bronxy eyebrow pigment

      1 pcs. Jacobean eyebrow pigment

      1 pcs. Olympo eyebrow pigment

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch universal holder

      30 pcs. Skin Monarch Microblading needles 12CF 

      30 pcs.  Skin Monarch Microblading needles 18U 

      1 pcs.  Skin Monarch Master care

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch Cleaning foam

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch liquid anesthetic formula

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch perfect finish

      5 pcs.  Skin Monarch U 18 Classic Disposable Microblading pens

      5 pcs.  Skin Monarch 12 Classic Disposable Microblading pens

      1 box. Micro brush applicator

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch Higi Mask

      1 pcs. Skin Monarch Cosmetic bag 

      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch microblading kit

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