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      numb anesthetic
      • numb anesthetic

      Skin Monarch Max cream before procedure 10 g.


      Skin Monarch
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      Skin Monarch Max  recommend use before permanent makeup eye procedure - Spread small amount of product on the desired skin area and cover it with nutritious film for 10 min.

      Also can use before lip and eyebrow procedure. Spread small amount of product on the desired skin area and cover it with nutritious film for 10 min. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

      Skin Monarch Max Numb before procedure 10 g.

      Last time this product was bought: 12/09/2022

      Skin Monarch trademark provides a highest quality of permanent make up, tattooing and mesotherapy equipment. Company is working since 2011 in a permanent make up and mesotherapy field. It took many years to search and develop best products which will satisfy even most demanding permanent make up, mesotherapy or tattoo masters. Many years Skin Monarch team with collaboration with world’s best and most famous brands searched for the best products which will achieve our high standards. Skin Monarch experience in permanent make up field inspired to create Skin Monarch brand. And we can proudly say that this trademark you can trust. Brand is using only best and tested materials for all products. All equipment, pigments, are designed and based on the latest trends and manufacturing technologies. 

      We are proud to introduce you Skin Monarch Max Before Procedure. This cream can be used before procedure. Only for professional use.

      Package: 10 g. User friendly tube .

      Storage: Keep cream in a cool and dry place.

      How to use?

      Skin Monarch Max can be used before procedure. This cream can be used for eye permanent make up procedure. Take small amount of product, apply on skin area and cover with nutritious film. Hold for 10 minutes. Also, this can be used for lips and eyebrow procedures. Usage – take small amount of cream on skin and cover it with nutritious film for 15 minutes. 


      In our online store you can choose from big variety  which can be used before and during permanent make up, tattooing, piercing or laser treatments. Even the most demanding master will find best solution for their procedures.

      We offer many others products for your procedure. Visit our shop to choose best product. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support and we will help to find out.

      If you confuse and don't know which are the best for your procedure  - call to us or send email - we will answer you as soon as possible in working days.

      Have a nice shopping with us!

      Linda   12/03/2021
      numbing cream for waxing

      Works well.

        Jessica   12/02/2021
        numbing cream cvs

        I don't know if this moisturizes or not, but this is the best numbing cream I have ever used EVER!

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
        Jennifer   12/01/2021
        best tattoo numbing cream

        Actually Works!

          Patricia   02/04/2021
          numbing cream

          This product is Amazing!!

            Mary   01/26/2021
            tattoo numbing cream


              Ashley   01/06/2021
              numb for eyebrows

              Absolutely love this product!

                Robin   01/06/2021
                Good Stuff

                Its very friendly and good numb, very good package for using

                  Ursel   12/16/2020
                  Top Numbing

                  Thank you for amazing Numb

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                    Skin Monarch Max cream before procedure 10 g.

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