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      BLUE GEL topical during procedure (30g.) 1pcs.


      Dermal Source
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      This product ingredients: 2% Tetracaine, 4 % lidocaine, vascular constrictor

      Vascular constrictor reduces bleeding, bruising and swelling.

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      This product ingredients: 2% Tetracaine, 4 % lidocaine, vascular constrictor

      Vascular constrictor reduces bleeding, bruising and swelling.

      Blue gel anesthetic is only for use professionals (by Licensed).

      Relief pain or swelling is associated with sensitive procedure: tattooing, permanent makeup mesotherapy or other procedures.

      Lidocaine blue tattoo numbing gel keep skin anesthetized for up two hours.

      Safe to use in all types of broken skin procedures.

      Blue Gel is most popular and powerful numbing and is a one of favorite of body modification specialists.

      Topical anesthetic is very effective on lip tattooing. Use this anesthetic to all your clients to make them feel comfort and never have any issues during the procedure.

      Suggested application:

      • Use this product during the painful procedure (tattooing, permanent makeup or other treatment)
      • The anesthetic is activated during the procedure in 2-5 minutes
      • Before apply anesthetic make sure you use soap and clean off all your glide or Vaseline
      • Wear always gloves while applying numbing
      • Cover with plastic and wait 2-5 minutes (or until anesthetic effect start to work)
      • Clean off before continuing procedure


      • Only for external use
      • Before use please check allergic reactions with client
      • Blue gel numbing please keep in dark place, cool and out of children's
      • Discard before expiration date
      • Do not Swallow
      • Care to keep out direct contact with eyes or mouth
      • Do not use if nursing or pregnant
      • It will no have effect if applied to unbroken skin- it is not a pre- procedure anesthetic
      • We do not recommend this product more than twice in one procedure sitting and same area.

      Anesthetic Blue Gel

      Product ingredients:

      Etho xydiglycol, Diazo lidinyl Urea, Propyl Paraben, Purified Water, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Meta bisulfitie, Disodium EDTA, FD&C Blue 1, Citric Acid, L- Epinephrine.

      This product is formulated by the World Health Organization standards

      Where to buy blue goo pain relief gel?

      Lidocaine Blue gel pain relief numbing our customers can purchase in our store. We are shipping worldwide 24/7. If you have any questions about our any products please do not hesitate to contact our customers support for more information. We will help to get all answers in your questions by the phone or email.

      We delivery worldwide, sending orders same day after payment receiving. Also Blue gel anesthetic is available to order in big quantities.

      Dermal Source Numbing Pain Relief - fast-acting pain relief, keeps skin numb and constricted for up to 2 hours. Its one of most popular product of our customers during few years.

      If you need numbing before procedure - we can suggest you any product for Dermal source Line.

      Anesthetics before procedure from Dermal source: 

      Pro Plus – topical anesthetic

      One of most popular anesthetic before procedure for Permanent makeup and tattoing (Ingidients: 2% Tetracaine, 4% Lidocaine)

      ZONE 1 anesthetic

      Anesthetic before procedure for eyeliner, eyebrows or tattoos (Ingridients: 5% Lidocaine)

      Super T Cream

      Powerful anesthetic before procedure Lips, eyebrows, tattoos, piercing, Laser/ Dermabrasion/ Electro logy (2% Tetracaine, 4% Lidocaine, 12% Benzocaine)

      As well we suggest to check our selling list of all our anesthetic products before and during procedure.

      Dermal Source

      Specific References

      Amanda   01/06/2021
      blue gel original

      here i buy original product (a lot of selling fake)

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        BLUE GEL topical during procedure (30g.) 1pcs.

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