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    Dermclar Hair Serum 10ml.


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    Intensive Hair Growth Serum

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    Intensive Hair Growth Serum that reduces hair loss by stimulating hair follicle thus increasing hair growth. It improves the dry, brittle hair and improves oily scalp, dandruff and reduces scalp itch. Active Ingredients: Capilar Biocenta® with amino acids and proteins Procapil® Peptide-. Combat the aging process of the follicle and prevents hair loss Argan Milk: emulsion allows all active ingredients to penetrate. Argan Oil : moisturizes hair in depth, returning its natural glow. Its high Vitamin E content makes it grow strong and bright. Ideal to prevent eczema and dandruff. Biotin: essential vitamin in our body in order to have healthy skin, nails and hair. X DNA: tissue regenerator Micronized Hyaluronic Acid: Important nutrient for our hair follicles. Excellent regenerator of hair. An actual real remedy for weak hair Recommended use: Apply on the hair 3 times a week, using the dispenser. Does not leave your hair greasy.


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    Dermclar Hair Serum 10ml.

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