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      SJ3 liquid during procedure – 7ml (1 pack)


      Dermal Source
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      SJ3 Anesthetic – 7ml single (1 pack)

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      For Use by Licensed Professionals Only.

      This powerful liquid anesthetic is available with a flip top, and is for use during

      procedures. It contains lidocaine, tetracaine and benzocaine. It is safe for use on all procedures except eyeliner. Use it to remove your pre-deadening topical anesthetics in lieu of alcohol or soap, which stop the action of your anesthetics and change the pH of your skin. This product not only prepares the skin and removes the anesthetic, but also aids in pre-deadening the dermis of the skin.

      SJ3 is also a highly effective secondary anesthetic for use during painful procedures. It is fast-acting and powerful, yet has no burn on open skin contact.


       Check with client for history of allergic reactions to topical anesthetics before applying. Keep in a cool, dark place, out of reach of children.

      WARNING: Avoid direct contact with the eyeball. If contact  should occur, irrigate with copious amounts of sterile saline and seek medical attention.

      DO NOT SWALLOW. If you should accidentally swallow this product seek medical attention immediately.

      SKIN CLEANSER Use SJ3 to clean your skin prior to application of pre-deadeners. It is not suitable for eyeliner procedures.


      Use SJ3 to remove your pre-deadeners for every procedure except eyeliner. This triple anesthetic drives down the anesthetic to the dermis and prolongs the action of the pre-deadener.


      SUGGESTED APPLICATIONS SJ3 is a strong anesthetic, which hits quickly and holds its anesthetic power for up to an hour. Apply to opened skin, wait 2-5 minutes and  you are ready to go. Always rinse off thoroughly before tattooing.

      Ingridients: Propylene Glycol, Ethoxydiglicol, Tetrasodium EDTA.

      Dermal Source

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      SJ3 liquid during procedure – 7ml (1 pack)

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