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      Vasocaine spray
      • Vasocaine spray

      Vasocaine Procedural Spray 120g.


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      Vasocaine Spray Anesthetic 120g. tattoo numbing spray

      Powerful Vasocaine spray (5% lidocaine) developed use for broken skin during procedure.

      Vasocaine tattoo numbing spray quickly relieves pain within 90 seconds after apply on skin.

      Last time this product was bought: 02/28/2021

      Vasocaine Spray Anesthetic 120g. Tattoo Painless

      Powerful Vasocaine spray (5% lidocaine) developed use for broken skin during procedure.

      Vasocaine tattoo numbing spray quickly relieves pain within 90 seconds after apply on skin.

      Numbing as well contains a vascular constrictor - reducing swelling and bleeding .

      No sensation or stinging during time of application- has no odor or perfumed additives.

      Vasocaine side effects:

         Fast acting and highly effective pain relief during sensitive procedures on open skin.

      • Numbing for permanent makeup, tattooing, piercing.
      • Vasacoine is safe during procedure on broken skin (not recommended for eyeliner)

      How to use Vasocaine spray?

      Vasocaine tattoo numbing spray reviews is the best from our customers such a great relief for tattoo, it helps with taking the edge off, as well its works with helping the artist clean tattoo ink during procedure.

      • Sensitivity test advised prior to use
      • Apply Vasocaine to affected area (Just spray on skin area)
      • Wait until anesthetic effect occurs around 90 seconds
      • Remove product before continuing procedure

      Anesthetic Blue Gel

      Vasacoine Ingredients:

      Purified Water, 5% Lidocaine Hydrochloride, Citric Acid, Propylene Glycol, Methyl Paraben, Sodium Metabisulfite, Epinephrine HCI, Propyl Paraben, Diazolidinyl Urea and Disodium EDTA.

      Keep in a cool and dark place, out of reach of children, do not swallow

      Where can i buy Vasocaine?

      Vasocaine spray for tattoos you can purchase on our store. Welcome to store, We are supply store that carries the top brand equipment, permanent makeup supplies, tattoo supplies at the low vasocaine wholesale price. If you have any question about this product please do not hesitate to contact our customer support.

      Where to buy vasocaine? We strive to offer the best, and every item is specially selected for quality. We sending same day after order receiving.

      Where can i buy vasocaine uk? We working worldwide and we glad to send Vasacoine to our customers in UK.

      How Long does Vasocaine last?

      Anesthetic spray Vasacoine is start effects occurs around 90 seconds. Keeps skin numb and constricted for up to 2 hours.

      If you need Anesthetic before procedure for permanent make up, tattoo, piercing or other mesotherapy procedure- we recommended check our category Anesthetic before procedure and choose best product for your treatment:

      Pro Plus Anesthetic -This numbing have improved speed and depth of anesthesia. (2% tetracaine, 4% lidocaine). As well is safe for eyeline.

      Anesthetic ZONE1 - Safe for eyeliner, 5% lidocaine topical anesthetic- safe use around the eyes.

      Skin Monarch Anesthetic Before Procedure - Strong before procedure Tetracaine 19%, Lidocaine 4%, Benzocaine 19%.

      Rejuvi Comfy Gel Anesthetic Before Procedure - Powerful painkiller for tattoo permanent make-up, mesotherapy injections .

      MESONUMB Topical Gel - For Cosmetic Lunch break procedures .

      Dr. Numb Cream 5% Lidocaine Anesthetic - Topical cream which include 5% lidocaine.

      Anesthetic Cream "Feel Better Now"- is used to prepare/numb the skin for pain or discomfort.

      BLT Meso Medica Anesthetic Before Procedure - Powerful painkillers for permanent make-up.

      TAG 45 Anesthetic Gel- Effectively reduces the discomfort and pain.

      Tattoo Soothe Topical Anesthetic- Gel is used to help relieve pain, swelling and bleeding.

      SUSTAINE Anesthetic- incredibly powerful during procedure numbing product.

      Eyz-A-Blue Pre-Procedure Anesthetic- formulated to stay in place and not melt or run while the professional prepares for the tattoo, permanent makeup of other procedure.

      Also we recommended Plastic Tape For Anesthetics for faster and comfort work. Easy to use and apply on client skin.

      Cosmetic treatments continue to be popular and become more available to many patients. Many of us have question did the treatment is panful? How painful the treatment?

      Powerful numbing creams, like Vasocaine, help make all treatments much less painful and easier to tolerate procedure. Numbing cream is hold skin. Anesthetic is always help for professional make easy his treatment, as well client feeling more comfort and happy.

      Here we will talk about some of the current cosmetic treatments being done that can be made easier with a compounded numbing cream.

      Tetracaine, benzocaine, lidocaine anesthetic cream is used by dermatologists and other professional specialist in cases numbing cream is applied correctly and there are no serious adverse effects for customer. Its important understand ,Vasocaine numbing during procedure, the symptoms of anesthetic. In general- topical anesthetic on the skin is safer than other methods (for example epidural).

      Anesthetic more absorbed through broken skin, when the systemic levels of anesthetic in the body can substantially increase. With Vasocaine we have good results and no side effects. So we highly recommended to use anesthetic spray during your treatment.

      For using anesthetic please check allergy of costumer. Before spray numbing clean skin with soap or cleaning gel. When numbing is using for long period time, plasma concentrations of anesthetics can reach toxic levels.

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              Vasocaine Procedural Spray 120g.

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