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      kissum lip tint
      • kissum lip tint

      KISSUM Lip Tint BB Glow 10ml (1pcs)


      Kiti Gamintojai
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      KISSUM Lip Tint BB Glow 1pcs


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      KISSUM Lip Tint BB Glow 

      Not for Tatoo! Effect -2 weeks


      Pink 10ml/spoid 

      Hot Pink 10ml/spoid 

      Red 10ml/spoid 

      Red wine 10ml/spoid 


      Pre-Treatment 10ml/spoid 

      After Treatment 10ml/spoid

      HOW TO USE:

       Apply pre-treatment solution on the lips with cotton swab and rub the lips gently to remove dead skin and for sterilization. At this moment, unfold lips by fingers to spread out lip wrinkles.

       Wipe out pre-treatment with cotton pad or such.

       Apply a desired color on the lips by cotton swab and then, with MTS(mesotherapy) machine, do the treatment.

       After treamtment, apply the color on the overall lips and wait for about 5 minutes for better coloring.

       Apply after-care solution by cotton swab for moisturization and nutrition.


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      KISSUM Lip Tint BB Glow 10ml (1pcs)

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