Dermclar Decongest Solution/ Melilotus Extract 2ml

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Decongestant effect and drainage effect Solution

EXTRACT OF MELILOTO + RUTINE is a venotonic and vasculoprotector agent with lymphokinetic activity eliciting the following actions:

1. Antispasmodic action, basically owing to courmarin containing EXTRACT OF MELILOTO elicited at two levels:
a) On smooth mucleus fiber, therefore, on all elements of circulatory system
b) On lymphatic system, by increasing contractions frequency and amplitude, regulating the rhythm 
2. RUTINE acts on capillaries, decreasing capillary permeability and increasing muscular resistance, the circulatory debit and vascular neogenesis
3. Action on reticuloendothelial and histiocytic system: absorption, storage and degradation of protein phenomena by conjunctive tissue histocytes are enhanced by RUTINE and EXTRACT OF MELILOTO; similarly, activity and power of reticuloendothelial system fixation are increased 
Circulatory disturbances of venous and lymphatic origin. . Phlebitis, varice ulcers, edemas, and lymphoedemas, thick tired, painful or edematous, tingling, hemorrhoids.

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